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Lorraine Kelly Said
"I Love that, its genius, great, fantastic and terrific!

"Oh well done - I placed my order on the THURSDAY stating I was going away on Sunday, so if possible could my order be with me by SATURDAY; low and behold it was with me the NEXT DAY. What a WOW for service and.............................
I ordered 3 items the 2 long 'cover-ups' and one short and I cant tell you how good they look. I have shown a few friends who are amazed. Believe me you could be the bell of the ball.! I shall be the best 'dressed' guest at breakfast and by the pool. The long ones are both slimming and elegant and the shorter are fashionable re the 'kaftan theme thats in fashion'. This could easily be worn as a top over jeans or linen trousers.
If you are unsure about ordering DONT BE. This review is totally genuine and aspired by getting more than I thought and possibly, in a far more expedient way than I thought existed, in this world of poor customer service and satisfaction. I was so aspired that I took the time to write this when I am packed and away this afternoon!"
- Ms Hamilton Bromham Bedfordshire.

My order just arrived - Saturday morning 2 January  Christmas/New Year week - when I ordered on Boxing Day I really didn't expect it to arrive before I go on holiday on Monday 4 January, due to all the bank holidays, build up of post etc, and I was annoyed with myself for not paying the extra for the next working day delivery.  However, your customer service and overall efficient order procedures have work amazingly well and delivered on time using the ordinary post!  Thank you so much, I absolutely love the two Saress® wraps, they do exactly what they promise, and the patterns and colours are spot on - wonderful!!

Christine Barr - Bracknell

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your care and attention.  I was so impressed that you called me Wednesday morning first thing about my order as you realised I'd probably be at work - you wouldn't get that sort of service anywhere else!

My 3 Saress®'s arrived this morning at work as you said and I love them.  I've just tried them all on and they're so easy to wear and so stylish for the beach.


Thank you so much for all you assistance and great product.

All the very best to you and the team.

 Pam - Preston

"I just wanted to write to let you know just how delighted I am with my purchase of my Saress® beach wrap dress.  The design is second to none, and ingenious.  I am a curvy lady and the Saress® makes me feel like a million dollars and I feel so sexy in it and oh so slim. The material is fabulous too and doesn't crease,   and so easy to put on.   It is without doubt the best product I have seen in a very long time.
I cant wait for my holiday when I know people will be stopping me asking where I got it.  I am also absolutely delighted that within 24 hours I had received it through my door.
My boyfriend absolutely loves the ‘Wild Aqua’ one.. I cant tell you what happened when I put it on apart from its done wonders for my sex life!!!   I will be calling you on Monday to order another one.
I will be taking the leaflets with me on holiday to Crete and will let you know how many people asked about the Saress®.
best wishes, Chrissy (and a very happy Gary who thinks I look ooh so sexy!  his words not mine)"
- Chrissy

‘’What a fantastic product!’’  Every woman should have one!!

"THE FASHION IS AGE-LESS I bought 2 and now my 13yr old daughter wants one, it beats wrestling with a sarong any day."
- Marion, Bolton

"A big thank you for your kind words and prompt delivery of my second two Saress®’s, this has to be the mostperfect item for holidays, what else do you need to take you from beach to dinner. I absolutely love them, looks amazing on, so flattering I  am so looking forward to wearing them, just wish David was here to see me. No more struggling to undo knots on sarongs.
I cannot praise them highly enough, my packing will be very minimal thanks to Saress®. They will be worn every day and evening and look fabulous with linen trousers. I am now hunting for bikinis to compliment them

Perhaps you should extend your range!!! If so please let me know"
- June, Oxford

"Just a note to thank you for sending the wraps so quickly and in spite of my stupid mistake in the sizes, you put it right for me. I am delighted with the items and your service, you are truly fantastic. Thank you so much."
- Barbara, Essex

"Just wanted to congratulate you on your very swift service! I ordered a Safari and a turquoise bloom on Sunday afternoon and have them 48 hours later. I’m really impressed with the service, but also the product (no point having a good service if the product is rubbish) and can’t wait until November when I’m off to Antigua. I’ve already got a black Saress® so now I’ve got three and wont need to take any other beach daywear.

Anyway, thanks again."
- Emma, London

“The answer to my holiday prayers – at last something flattering and elegant to wear whilst walking around or having lunch, drinks etc."
- Melanie, Birmingham

“I was almost strangled by my old sarong or had a knotted lump at my stomach - the Saress® is so simple, comfortable and glamorourous"
- Caroline, Northampton

“So versatile I can wear it with my jeans and not necessarily on holiday"
- Trish, Cyprus

“Absolutely fabulous, it hides all the body parts I do not want the rest of the world to see & the beach bag is good for essentials”
- Elizabeth, Bristol

Being what I like to call ‘’voluptuously built’’ I was delighted to discover Saress® – It covered all the nasty bits and made me feel confident – this year I will not wear a burkah on holiday -  congratulations on a great idea Julia – and thanks for thinking of the larger lady!!
- June Howell, West Midlands

Thank you for a speedy delivery and efficient on line service. I’m one of the many women who buy sarongs but never seem to tie them right and never manage to look as stylish as the models do, but now I’ve found and tried the Saress® I know I’m going to look and feel good and it wont fall off!! ( no more Jelly Belly )
- Tina, Surrey

“I live in Majorca, was six months into my first pregnancy, and worried about beachwear but wearing the Saress® gave me confidence, by gently stretching and covering my ‘bump’ I felt fabulous.”
- Gail, Majorca

“The perfect solution for any female who lacks confidence in beachwear”.
- Catherine, Shropshire

“After three children and no gym, it hides my tummy, thighs and bottom but shows off my bust and back – I love it!”
- Valerie, London

“I will now buy my swimwear to match my Saress®’s.”
- Denise, West Midlands

I just wanted to tell you that I have received and worn my Saress® on holiday in the Caribbean. It was almost impossible to find a cover for my swimwear that looked elegant and yet was easy to put on. I am so excited about this find, and have told all my girlfriends about your site. I cannot believe that there is a company that understood the difficulties of the old sarong and invented a new beach dress (the bag is really useful too).
- Louise, West Midlands
Guys forget buying underwear, we always get it wrong – I bought my girlfriend a pink bloom Saress® and she loves it. Thank you so much.
- Stephen, Warwickshire

The fabric of my Saress® is soft to the touch and so comfortable. The super and easy design is a winner and makes me feel feminine and confident.
- Caroline, Tamworth

I have spent many holidays avoiding the beach and poolside for lack of confidence with my body. The kaftan looked like a ‘tent’ and the sarong did not cover me. At last I have found your holiday dress that fits and flatters. THANK YOU!
- Mandy, Wales

Why have we waited so long for this superb idea. I have Safari and it looks great.
- Jackie, Stoke on Trent

I received the black Saress® yesterday and it is brilliant, I will now be buying it in every colour!!! Even my daughter loved it and wanted to wear it and she is only 7years old. It is a shame you don’t do a children’s version?

Excellent, excellent, simple and elegant idea!!
- Xyanthe, Cambridge

Perfect for the fuller figure, I am a larger size lady and your special fabric actually gives me a waistline, and lots of confidence.
- Helen, London

Many thanks for your fantastic customer service.  Saw the Saress® on GMTV on Friday mooning, ordered one in the next 10 minutes- with me Saturday. Saress® looks great and is now packed.
- Sally, Derbyshire

I just wanted you to know that I got my black Saress® and I LOVE IT and I will be ordering more before my trip.
Thank you so so so much for all your help.  It is greatly appreciated.
- Denise, New York (USA)

Just like to thank you so much for your quick response, Fantastic service - I ordered my Saress® on Thursday morning and it arrived with Friday post, thank you so much as I now have it in time for my holidays, can't wait to wear it... I'm sure my friends will be envious.
- Heather, Teesside

I ordered a Saress® earlier this week and it arrived so quickly I was amazed.
Having tried it on I immediately ordered two more in preparation for my hols. The design is so flattering and easy to wear - suddenly I have shape!  I shall feel so much more confident on the beach this year thanks to you! Even my teenage daughter was impressed - praise indeed!

I can't thank you enough - a really fantastic design. many, many thanks
- Kerry, Kent

I would just like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for processing my order so quickly.  It has just arrived and I am able to take them on holiday with me on Saturday. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone who asks about your Saress® while I'm away.
- Sue, Cheshire

Received the wild aqua today, thank you so much for such a fast delivery, the bag and scrunchie.  I have recommended this to so many friends hopefully you should have lots of orders coming in.  I know at least 2 have already been on the website and ordered.

Just as a thought apart from the scrunchie have you thought of doing a bandana style scarf to match the Saress®. As I was in the garden the other afternoon and it was hot and I put a bandana over my hair and thought it would be nice to have them matching the Saress®.

good luck for future sales.
- Yvonne, Gloucestershire

I just had to call personally and tell you what a amazing product you have created ! as I said I have been a Professional Water Skier since the I was 15 and through coming over to the US got involved with Sports modeling)   I have worn so many brands of swimwear but this really caught my attention . It's so simple elegant love love it ..
 I was just last week on a 3 day photo shoot for Master Craft boats   one of the other models was waring the Saress® , so after googling the name I was quick to order and super excited to receive them yesterday .. they fit and look  amazing..  we are shooting again in the Keys next Wednesday for 3 day shoot. I will get some other colours as I know the art director will love the look !
I practically live in swimsuits !! I am really excited about the Saress® and would love to be come involved with you some how

Kind regards
Nicola Huntridge Fisher

I bought one of your Saress® this year as i was going on a cruise in october,it was fantastic .As i am going on another cruise in september i will be buying more they are brilliant,whilst on my hoilday i got lots of comments and one lady was thrilled as i had taken my beach bag which still contained your Saress® leaflet she was going to order as soon as she got home . .Anyway thanks for a fabulous product well done . you have a customer for life.
- Mrs D Gorman, Blackpool

Dear Julia, Received my Saress® intact and am extremely happy with it, but I feel I must thank you for your wonderful service and attention as it makes a pleasant change for a company and an employee to take so much interest and care of their customers. Once again, thank you
- Ellen Ward

How GOOD is this product!!! You deserve a medal - can't WAIT to get mine!!!
Have forwarded you to all my address book!!!
- Maggie

Hi, the Saress® I ordered on Monday  has just arrived and I am absolutely DELIGHTED with the garment.  I'm throwing away all my nasty sarongs which make me look like a bag lady and I'm only going to wear my "Saress®" now.
- Do Campbell

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely Saress® outfits and for the super quick delivery. I ordered two and they are wonderful.  I can't wait to wear them on holiday in a few weeks time and the colours are gorgeous.  It will be so easy to put on instead of wearing shorts and tops.
Many thanks
- Stacey, Penwortham (Preston)

Thank you very much for your prompt delivery of my Saress® order.
I ordered 2 Saresses on the recommendation of my friend Polly Heatley on Tuesday and received them yesterday. I love the Black Sundown one
I have already recommended you to friends and my friend Chris Tough has already ordered from you, and received and loves her Sahara Sundown.

I know I will order from you again for my next holiday and certainly this holiday will be all the more enjoyable because of my new Saress®.

Thanks again.
- Alison Stephens

I have just received my first order in record time and am so so delighted with them I just have to have another.My friend was so impressed she needs some too.What a brilliant ,yet simple idea.The answer to all my holiday dressing.Thankyou so much.Hope I can sell some more for you.
- Sheila

Just thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the Saress®.
My friend kindly let me have it delivered to her home and now its arrived in Cyprus.Its a superb idea and I am sure you will do well with this design.
Thanks again
- Christine, Cyprus

I just wanted to say a big thank you for advice regarding my order yesterday – the service I received was 100% perfection. I ordered yesterday afternoon and my order arrived at 7.55 this morning. It fits perfect. I will certainly recommend you to anyone. I will be wearing it next week on my hols.
Many thanks
- Linda Lobley

I received my order on Saturday morning and I just had to drop you a line to tell you how totally thrilled I am with your product.  I am a size 18 and always cover up with a sarong on holiday and feel that this is exactly how I look, that I am trying to cover up - in the Saress® I feel sexy as if I'm looking good without feeling in anyway frumpy or trying to hide myself, they are so flattering.
Please keep me update of any new designs as I will definitely be ording from you again.
Thanks again.
- Joanne Anderson

Thank you so much for despatching my order so promptly - only 2 days from me placing my order!!!  It was delivered to work and as a result you will notice I have already placed another order for a further 6 - 2 for myself and 4 that my colleagues can't wait to get their hands on!  Fantastic, revolutionary product - and the free beachbag is great, too - I'm just so pleased I spotted your advert in Top Sante magazine!!!
- Sandra Lackenby, Cambridge

I received my safari exchange this morning and it was fine. Thank you so much for the excellent service.
- Anne

I would just like to say thank you very much,  I only found out about the Saress® when my sister ordered one, I liked it very much, but this was on Wednesday night as I was going away early Monday morning.  I placed my order and on Thursday lunch time I got a call from Julie saying my order was going out and would be with me by 1pm Friday morning.  I received it by 8 am today and am very please.
- Angela Davison, Sheffield

Hi. I bought 2 Saress® dresses this summer and absolutely love them. A few friends who saw mine, also bought one for themselves. This is definatley something I will use over and over.  My daughter who is 6 years old loved mine and tried various ways to get mine to fit her!
This is why I am writing to you to suggest that you make a Saress® dress for girls.  I would be interested to hear your views on this suggestion.
- Susan Calderhead

Just to let you know that the Saress® arrived today. Many thanks for such a prompt service and for taking the time to tell us that the order would be processed quicker if I paid by Credit Card.
- Geoff Ross

I received my new saresses today - and am very happy indeed! They fit perfectly, and I feel svelte and relaxed wearing them - roll on the good weather!
A suggestion:
I have big boobs, not as upstanding as they were when I was 20! - and I bought a little stretch cotton boob-tube ( plain black, am still looking for plain pink) to wear under my Saress® instead of a bikini or full bather. Feels more secure than nothing, and is a bit "neater" than a bikini with strings/straps, while still remaining very relaxed.
You could sell these with ease,  I am sure, if you offered them in matching flat colours. Just a suggestion.

There you go, another positive testimonial for your web-site, another satisfied customer. :)
- Cary

The size XL is perfect - I had a barbeque at the weekend and showed it to the women there - think you may have a few more customers now! Thank you for your help
Kind Regards
- Kay

Hi there!
Just to say received item today.It's great!Taking it to work tomorrow as colleagues are keen to see it. Many thanks
- Di

Just received my Saress® – am thrilled and delighted.
I am disabled – can’t use my left hand due to an active tumour in my shoulder. Whilst I can move my arm I have struggled recently to fasten my sarongs as I have no grip and can’t use my fingers.
I’m always looking out for things to help me lead as normal a life as possible and this is such a simple, brilliant idea.
Thank you so much
- Bev Derham

This is excellent product!  Thank You for your quick mail delivery to me.  I plan on ordering a couple more and will be telling my friends about this product.
Hampden, Maine, USA

In these days of doom and gloom it is wonderful to find something to be cheerful about.I would just like to congratulate you on the very efficient service I have received from you. I made my order for 2 Saress® (plus 1 free) and received them within 4 days in Spain - brilliant. I am very pleased with the product and am sure they will be very useful.
Many thanks
Thank you very much for your e mail and for exchanging my dress for me.  What a great service from your company.  A pleasure to do business with you.
Many thanks
hi,just had to say many thanks for the quick delivery on my order.The Saress® is the best,easiest and loveliest dress to wear around beach or pool.For anyone reading this who goes on holidays the Saress® is perfect,slip on and wander from the beach or pool and sit at your favourite restaurant knowing that you look as good as on a night out. Enjoy,I am!
Thank you for a such a swift response to my order. Saress® was ordered for my daughter-in-laws birthday at the weekend and to think I was worried if It would arrive in time. I didn't order until Tuesday afternoon and it was still here first thing Wednesday morning - EXCELLENT.  I am sure she will love it and we will be back for more.
Thank You,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for advice regarding my order yesterday – the service I received was 100% perfection – I ordered yesterday afternoon and my order arrived at 7.55 this morning – it fits perfect.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone – it also fits perfectly – I will be wearing it next week on my hols.
Many thanks
I received my order on Saturday morning and I just had to drop you a line to tell you how totally thrilled I am with your product.  I am a size 18 and always cover up with a sarong on holiday and feel that this is exactly how I look, that I am trying to cover up - in the Saress® I feel sexy as if I'm looking good without feeling in anyway frumpy or trying to hide myself, they are so flattering.
Please keep me update of any new designs as I will definitely be ording from you again.
Thanks again.

I have just received my first order in record time and am so so delighted with them I just have to have another.My friend was so impressed she needs some too.What a brilliant ,yet simple idea.The answer to all my holiday dressing.Thankyou so much.Hope I can sell some more for you.

Kind regards Sheila 

I felt compelled to write and let you know what a positive experience I had dealing with your company recently.

I have just purchased a beach dress from your website.

I used my paypal account, but because my card details had expired paypal would only issue an e-cheque. I did not see this as a problem as I did not need my item quickly.

I recieved e-mails regularly from you keeping me updated about my transaction, and when the dress was ready to be dispatched I recieved a message on my answer machine at home informing me when to expect delivery.

This was excellent customer service, and I thank you for it.

I have been recomending your company to all my friends, not only because I love your product but because I felt like I was treated like an individual, which is sometime lacking in other internet based companies.

Once again thank you for your excellent service, I look froward to dealing with you again.

Yours Faithfully


Hello everyone..XXX
My Saress® arrived today and I LOVE it and want more..
ill be in touch again,,
Thank you all very very much.
My sister just bought back from England two Saress®' that I had ordered and they are absolutely bloody fantastic!
What a winner you are onto there!.Cannot believe that in Australia,the land of the bronzed aussie,sun,sand etc that they are not available here.
I am thrilled!
Thanks for such a wonderful product
I ordered two Saresses only a couple of days ago.  I'm thrilled to say they are here, look fab and just wanted to thank you for a brilliant service. 
I'm sure I will be back for more and will purchase some as presents for my friends.
Thank you again, much appreciated.


Hi, I have recently purchased four of your Saress® and i would like to say how excellent your service and product are. I have just returned from a holiday where i wore all four and was asked numerous times where i had purchased them from. i have given out your website address to quite a few people who are going to order from you. they had never seen them before and i think i was the only person on this cruise that was wearing them. thankyou for your product and service.

                   karen tennant



I just wanted to say thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Turkey and my sister told me about the Saress® – I checked out your website and ordered 3 which I had delivered to her in the UK. They arrived REALLY quickly without any problems which is a major PLUS in itself!!  I went to the UK in April and I brought them back to Turkey with me – the weather started to get warm here at the end of April and I have worn them EVERDAY since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Saress® is PERFECT for life here – I live in a bikini at this time of year BUT obviously there are times when you need to cover yourself, the Saress® is the perfect solution. It is so light you do not feel as though you are wearing anything, there are no stupid knots, no more blowing open in the breeze (showing everything you are trying to hide!) and so stylish.

I wish I was an Agent for you here in Turkey, the amount of people who have asked me ‘where can I get one of those NOW’ is unbelievable. They have come on holiday armed with bikini and sarong BUT when they see my Saress® they are so envious!!!! I am like a walking advert for you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for such a wonderful and yet simple idea.

Kind Regards


Thanks John
Have to say, what fantastic service, way exceeded my expectations
Many thanks
Hi, just thought I would mention that my Saress® arrived today, and I must say it is a wonderful garment! It fits well, drapes well, and simple to put on and adjust. Arrived in time for packing into my suitcase ready for holiday at the week end. 10 out of 10!
-Ann K
Thank you very much for the order really pleased with my purchase  cant wait to wear them on holiday   once again thank you for the service and the speed at which i received them. David C
I must take this opportunity to tell you how delighted I am with my purchase and cannot wait to wear them. Perfect for covering up imperfections (which we all have) and still allow you to look feminine and feel glamorous. Gaynor


Just to say i am 110% satisfied with this item! Normally I had beachwear but this really flatters!

Just a short note to say I am very Impressed with your service and the Saress® are unbelievable.

I have recieved my swimwear this morning and WOW! I have in recent months lost 3 stone in weight and proud of it, but was worried about what I was going to wear on the beach....needing something to help hide some wobbly bits. Well I have just tried on my Mocha Swimwear and I am very pleased with it. So thank you.

Christine West Midlands


Just to let you know that I recieved my Sundwon Saress® in Carnival this morning. It is ABSOLUTELY wonderful. I had ordered this Saress® (my 4th) to take to my cousin in the South of France but I love it so much I may just have to keep it myself. At this rate I am set to work my way through your whole range, but at least they are all destined to got to lovely places around the world. Thank you again for your wonderful service. Mary Derby


Many thanks for the speedy delivery of  my replacement Saress® which I received this morning and is a perfect fit.
Love it.



Just recieved my Saress® order, wow they are so fantastic carnt wait to wear them on my holiday, no more sarong falling down when walking, no more embarrasing moments when going up to the buffet or bar.

 Thank you


Thank you very much for the refund which I have now received.  Thank you also for your excellent service.



Bev Lock 


thank you, your customer service is excellant


Hi Saress®


Thank you for your prompt service, efficient as always!


Kind regards



"Am really pleased with my purchase buy 2 and get 1 free.  Quality of the fabric is good and the designs look exactly on the website.  The size chosen fitted perfectly as being petite or 5ft 2" the length was exactly what I wanted!  The customer help desk both email and telephone were prompt and helpful.  As for delivery - got my items within 2 days so pretty quick.  Thank you.  Julie, London, dated 18 Aug 2011"




my saresses arrived today....thank you so much, but I was very willing to pay..I was more than happy with the offfer.

I love these saresses, they are very me, an instant dress to glam me up  to have a drink at the pool bar..

 Jackie xx


Good customer service is alive and kicking at your company


Many, many thanks – and I will pass on to everyone I know what a good company (and customer focussed) you are.


Once again thanks


Neil Stewart


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