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The Saress® was featured and highly recommended on G.M.T.V ‘This Morning’ (Tuesday 26th June)

Reviewed by fashion expert Wendy Elsmore, Fern Britten, and Phillip Schofield.

Their comments included:

"We really think that this isn’t a novel idea – its set to last!"

’’This is a flattering solution to a sarong, which is difficult to tie"

"I think its FANTASTIC!"

"The Saress® will take you anywhere!"

"Easy summer wear for the beach!"


"We think its AMAZING!"

Again The Saress® was featured and highly recommended by Lorraine Kelly & Mark Hayes (fashion guru) on 5th July – L.K Today

Reviews included:

"This is so clever and interesting!"

"I Love that, its genius, great, fantastic and terrific!"

"Its a brilliant, brilliant idea – my favourite"

"Its taking something so simple yet so clever!"


See the article written by Alice Dogruyol entitled "Big girl in a skinny world" in the Daily Mail click the link below 

 "I have also discovered a must-have for a bigger woman on the beach. The Saress® ( £29.99, Saress®.com) is an elegant square of creaseless, breathable fabric that effortlessly ties into a crossover dress.

The end result skims and covers everything from wobbly thighs to puffy knees while remaining effortlessly sexy. As soon as I tried it, the familiar feeling of pre-beach panic left me and now I can't wait to strut my stuff on the sand.

The Saress® is available in two lengths, there are loads of prints to choose from and it could easily double up as an evening dress, too."



Saress® Proves a Hot Hit!

Saress Proves a Hot Hit

By the Express & Taken with permission from the

It’s this summer’s must-have item for the beach and it’s set to put the West Midlands on the fashion map.

The Saress®, created by Wolverhampton designer Julia Fish, has been snapped up by thousands of women across the world.

Last night hundreds of fashion lovers descended on a hotel in the city to get their hands on one while raising thousands of pounds for a good cause.

The charity fashion show was held at The Mount Hotel in Tettenhall, pulling in more than £3,000 for the NSPCC. Organiser Julia, of Exclusive Collections in Tettenhall, was showing off colourful designs of her marvellous creation.

The design – a cross between a sarong and a dress – is billed as the perfect item for a beach holiday.

Professional models and women from the area took to the catwalk to show off the Saress® and Wolverhampton department store Beatties was also on hand to show off summer swimwear.

Among the designs were a pale pink Saress®, tiger print bikinis and sexy swimsuits. The show took an even more exotic turn when four belly dancers treated on-lookers a lively display.

Julia revealed her designs had been snapped up by women as far afield as France and Japan.

She said: “People have just gone mad for it. So many people around Wolverhampton just love it.”

She said the night had been a real success.

She said: “Everyone put a great deal of hard work into last night’s event so I want to thank everyone.”

The Saress® comes in over 19 print fabrics and three solid colours.

This story has sparked 15 comments:

"Went to the fashion show last night at the mount had a great night. What a fab idea the Saress® is im just surprised it hasnt been thought of before its so simple but also very flattering to any figure. I purchased one and will be wearing it on the beach when i go on holiday in july"
- Michelle Lucas

Wow what a fantastic idea! I hate certain parts of my body but with the Saress® I feel confident wearing my bikini. After lasts nights fashion show seeing the models wearing the Saress® over jeans and cut offs it has inspired me to do the same. My only problem is I would like the whole Saress® range!
- Carina

Great night out and a superb idea no more jelly belly on show!! Top marks to the Saress®
- Angela Kelly

Having fun whilst raising money for charity was surpassed only by the discovery of the awesome Saress®! A triumph in design and perfect for disguising my many imperfections - Thank You God (and Julia!)
- Toni Harrington

What a great night last night!! I went to a fund-raising do for the NSPCC, and came away with a fab Saress® - just what I need for the beach. My only regret is that I only bought one - I’ll certainly be visiting the web site before my next holiday. Well done for giving us ladies something useful, sexy and glamorous!!
- Helen Nutall

Brilliant idea! My mom bought me a Saress® last night and I’m already wearing it. Who needs to wait for a holiday with a great dress like this?
- Penny

The Saress® is a brilliant idea. I’m wearing mine as I’m writing - it’s so cool!
- Penny

Sarongs? Stop tying yourself in knots and liberate yourself, the Saress® is here! It’s simplicity itself to wear and I can’t wait to show mine off on the beach this summer. Isn’t it great when you find something that genuinely makes you feel good? I’m delighted with this product and can’t wait to add to my collection!
- Caroline

I attended the show at the Mount Hotel last evening, show was a great success but the Saress® made the night. What a fantastic idea, i have already purchased 4 Saresses which are not only excellent value for money but look superb and stylish if you are of a full figure.
- Denice Healey

What a fab idea the long Saress® looks super sexy!
- Danielle

Being what a like to call “voluptously built” I was delighted to discover Saress® - It covered all the nasty bits and pieces and made me feel confident - this year I will not wear a burkah on holiday - congratulations on a great idea Julia - and thanks for thinking of the larger lady!!
- June

A Girls New Best Friend. The Serress a wrap, dress,Well done I bought three !!!Fab
- Trish

I attended the Show at the Mount Hotel on 5th June and was amazed at the response to the Saress® - what a wonderful idea do hope it does well nationally and what a wonderful gesture to help the NSPCC with a donation from the evening.
- Barbara 

Where can i buy a Saress®?
- Super Idea

Saress® Rated Product of The Month!

The Saress® is an ingenious yet simple invention, a sure-fire hit for this summer. It's the flattering yet sexy cross between a dress and a sarong and you cannot get better than this. It's already been featured on Lorraine Kelly and GMTV, and all gave positive views. We love how versatile it is.

There is a long and short version, it can be used as a dress, a sarong, a t-shirt, anything when you put your mind to it! Team with a floppy sunhat, flip flops and a long necklace and you've got the whole look sorted. We love Safari, Pink Bloom, Shell Pink and Blue Lagoon. They even all come with a free beach bag perfect for stuffing a pair of shades, a good book, suntan lotion and flip flops into. They're oh-so popular with customers going as far as Japan, France and USA. You should definately go out and buy them now before it's too late.

Source: A Splash of Imagination





This clever number has a couple of straps that turn a sarong into a dress. Or a top. Goes straight over a costume so you can go straight to the bar, or with jeans as a simple summer top.

Where 01902 750657; www.Saress®.com

As Featured in Cruise Critic 2011- the leading cruise information site

Today we have a gift suggestion for your favorite lady cruiser, the Saress® Beach Dress, a one-piece beach cover up that can easily transition from sunbathing on the lido deck to dinner at any casual onboard eatery.